Poet and the Roots – Dread Beat an’ Blood
Virgin 1978

Around 1980 there was a movement going on called ‘Dub Poetry’.
There were types with colourful names like, ‘Oku Onoura’, ‘Benjamin
Zepheniah’ and ‘Muta Baruka’. One of the founders of this movement
was without any doubt, ‘Linton Kwesi Johnson’, on this here record
he was still performing under the name ‘Poet and the Roots’. ‘Dread
Beat an’ Blood’, is a poetic collection of 8 protestsongs.
An LP I played thousands of times !


1 Dread beat an’ blood
2 Five nights of bleeding
3 Doun di road
4 Song of blood
5 It dread inna Inglan
6 Come wi goh dung deh
7 Man free
8 All wi doin is defendin


8 thoughts on “Poet and the Roots – Dread Beat an’ Blood
Virgin 1978

  1. His comeback track “More Time” is such a necessary message for these stressed out times.

    We want a shorter working Year
    give us a shorter working Life
    more time for the husband
    more time for the wife
    more time for the children and more time for friends
    more time for meditate more time to create
    more time for living more time for life
    more time we need more time Give we more time

    LKJ, “More Time”

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  3. Just wondering if you have any extra LP of him, if that’s possible. He has been on my mind lately.


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