Various Artists – Roda de Samba vol. 2
Disques Esperance 1975

Bottom image is ‘Roda de Samba vol. 1

Today is a buisy day for me, tonight we’ll have the first matches
in the group of the Netherlands, we talk about soccer. The European
Championship Soccer. Before that I have my work, so some early
posting today. As you may remember, about a month ago we had ‘Roda
de Samba vol. 1’, Now this here is volume 2, I have been trying to find
the original cover. My copy is a French pressing and I have no idea
how the Brazilian one looks like. If you have it , we would love to see
it, thanks. If we forget about the cover we can check on the music.Really nice Samba compilation with more or less the same artists
as on the first volume. ‘Aparecida’, ‘Sabrina’, ‘Rubens da Mangueira’,
but also the great ‘Nelson Cavaquinho’ appears on this one.
I always had a certain weakness for his voice.


1 Aparecida – Proteçao
2 Sabrina – Acalentava
3 Nelso Cavaquinho – Quero alegria
4 Roda de Samba – Cantos Afros
5 Rubens da Mangueira – Por cima da linha
6 Aparecida – Rosas pra Lasa
7 Nelson Cavaquinho – Armas proibidas
8 Rubens da Mangueira – Morro velho
9 Sabrina – Liberdade
10 Dida – Chegou quem faltava chegar


5 thoughts on “Various Artists – Roda de Samba vol. 2
Disques Esperance 1975

  1. Okay Moos! We have to talk…
    What’s your problem with french cover’s? Would you prefer chinese one’s? Between european we should help each others, no?

  2. Don’t misunderstand me Arnaud,
    I have nothing against French covers, it’s just that I would like to know the original one.
    It IS a Brazilian LP no ?

  3. Yeah yeah… I’m sure you wanna see if there’s any nice brasilian woman on the original cover. You’re right, it’s worth checking !

  4. Hello, I hope you don’t mind that I’m going through your older posts and reporting the bad links.
    Rapidshare is reporting “Error. The file could not be found. Please check the download link.”
    I can’t believe how kind-hearted and helpful you are to reload these old links for this old leech. Thank you!

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