Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto vol. 2

Arsenio Rodriguez, front, cd size

What have I picked for you today ?
This is truly a fantastic album. Arsenio Rodriguez is back
at Global Groove with volume 2, I don’t know the year on both volumes,
if you do ? Let us know please. The cover picture, clearly made in a
studio is quite hilarious. The sound however is superb.
One of the best Cuban LP’s I’ve ever heard !


1 Necesito una mujer cocinera
2 Quien soy
3 Papa Upa
4 Maldita droga
5 Jugando al siló
6 Cuba llora
7 Sueltala
8 Lo que le pasó a Luisita
9 La realidad
10 Quiero mucho a mi suegra
11 No he visto a caridad
12 Adios Carmelina


12 thoughts on “Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto vol. 2

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  2. Thank you for this LP – truly this is a fantastic sound of Cuba – and ok it´s a strange cover, but it fits well to the music as I dream myself to that place

  3. Thank you for this fantastic piece of music – I enjoy it very much – dream of the place shown on this very special cover 😉

  4. Thank you for this fantastic album, gives you an idea of sunshine while it’s raining all day long in Europe

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