Lee Dorsey – The New Lee Dorsey, Stateside 1966

Dear Global Groover,
Until now we have been posting only Tropical Musicstyles at
‘Global Groove’, and ofcourse we shall continue to do so.
The blog’s title, however, indicates that we shall also start
to blend in some genres, looking from a broader perspective.
Black Music, in general, always had my first attention, and from
today I’ll post some other black styles too, like New Orleans Soul.
This album has always been one of my favourites, listen !


1 Working in the coalmine
2 Can you hear me
3 The greatest love
4 A mellow goodtime
5 Mexico
6 Get out of my life, woman
7 Ride your pony
8 Confusion
9 Holy cow
10 Don’t you ever ( leave me )
11 Neighbour’s daughter
12 A little dab a do ya


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