Thelma Soares – Thelma canta Nelson Cavaquinho, CBS 1965

About one and a half year ago I first heard ‘Thelma’, I was deeply
impressed by the way she knows to pull back the pace.
It was at Loronix, the great ‘Zecalouro’ introduced her to the world.
When I visited him later he gave me these files.
I already loved the work of Nelson Cavaquinho, so when he told me
about this album, I was thrilled.
These files are ‘Zecalouro’s Rips’. I am taking the liberty to post
them once more, I could not resist when I heard it again.
This LP is SO BEAUTIFUL, Nelson Cavaquinho does about three songs
himself, fantastic stuff.
Thank you so much again Zeca !


1 Luz negra
2 Fora do baralho
3 Cuidado com a outra
4 Rio nao es mais criança
5 Luto
6 Historia de um valente
7 A flor e o espinho
8 Palhaço
9 Rei sem trono
10 Rugas
11 Pecado
12 Pranto de poeta


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