Mahmoud Ahmed – Erè Mèla Mèla, Buda Musique

Mahmoud Ahmed, front

From Mali and Nigeria we go to Ethiopia, this music is unique
in it’s kind. Terms like ‘Melancholy blues’, ‘Brassy Danceable
Urban Jazz’, ‘Heart-wrenching’ are named but it remains hard to
give a proper discription of this sound. Anyway, it is very nice
and Mahmoud Ahmed is one of their Biggest artists, it was originally
issued in 1975 but this is a recent re-release, listen !


1 Abbay mado – Embwa bèlèw
2 Atawurulegn léla
3 Tezeta
4 Ohoho gédama
5 Ebakesh tarèqign
6 Erè mèla mèla Mètché nèw
7 Sedètègnash nègn – Samerayé
8 Endénèsh gèdawo

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