Nazaré Pereira – Amazônia, Cezame 1979

Nazaré Pereira, front, cd size

Forró is music from Brazil’s North-East, a very pleasant style
that makes you feel at home right away. Accordeons always
seem to give me that warm kind of feeling you have with
friends and family. Anyway, this is Nazaré Pereira, a singer
with a very nice round voice. And ‘Amazônia’ an album, perfect
for a quiet sunday afternoon. By the way, if you like Forró,
take a look at ‘Forró em Vinil’ a very nice page you find
in my list of favourites at the side-bar. Listen.


1 Riacho do navio
2 Baia veia Baia
3 Xapuri do Amazônas
4 Sodade meu bem, sodade
5 Flecha de fogo
6 O Baiao em Paris
7 O que vier eu traço
8 Forró no escuro
9 Nuvens que passam
10 Kalu
11 Boi bumba


P.S. there seems to be something wrong at ‘Forró en Vinil’, sorry.

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