David ‘Fefe’ Diambouana – Mama Cathie

Fefe David Diambouana, front, cd size

When I see a record on Eddy’Son’s label I am immediately alert.
So when I saw this one passing, what can I say ? Master Mwana
and Syran on guitar, Theo Blaise backing vocals.
It was not a real gamble. David ‘Fefe’ Diambouana comes in with
an album I liked from the first tones.

People, I must correct myself here,
comparing this music with Franco or Mangwana, I just found
out that only the 4th track is in Lingala, Congolese, the other
three are in some other language. Not understanding the language
and only assuming it’s Congolese because at least 3 musicians are,
was jumping on conclusions too fast. David Diambouana is from
Brazzaville Congo according to ‘Ambiance Congo’.
Can any one tell us the inside on this topic ?
What is the language sung in the first 3 songs ?


1 Nikeumbu kuaya-bika
2 Maman Cathie
3 Angue maman
4 Kisi ya bolingo


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