Verckys, african 1973

Verckys, front

Saxophone player Kiamanguana Verckys was one of the members
of OK Jazz for years and later started his own Orchestre Veve.
This LP’s first side, with Orchestre Veve is recorded in 1969
if I’m not mistaking. B-side is from 1973 and so is this album.
Tracks 5,6,7 and 8 are with Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards.
What can I say? this is so beautiful, no words…


1 Bankoko Baboyi
2 Mbombo eyenga
3 Nakomitunaka
4 N’dia
5 Dellya
6 Maria Mboka
7 Tokosenga na nzambe
8 Biki


6 thoughts on “Verckys, african 1973

  1. Nakomitunaka was part of one of the first african compilation I bought and till now is still one of my favorite tune.
    Thanks for letting me hear the rest of the album.
    Merci Mr Moos… et à bientôt j’espère.

  2. Great compilation of his music still available from RetroAfric, I believe– got mine via CD Universe.

  3. Unfortunately the download link has been deleted, as have many others in the mediafire website.. If possible, could you re-upload link to new website? Thank you for everything!

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