Noël Rosa – São Coisas Nossas

Noel Rosa, São coisas nossas

Many of us know the songs of Noël Rosa, they are still being
played today by lots of Brazilian artists. Mostly we hear the
countless renditions by those artists but seldom by Noël Rosa himself.
When one of our visitors told me he was so happy discovering the
music of Noël Rosa, I decided to put together a compilation with
his songs and all sung by himself. There are two songs on which he
is accompanied by others, there’s one with Marília Baptista and one
with Ismaël Silva. I went through all the material I have available
so no vinyl rips this time. Noël Rosa was one of the most important
composers in Brazilian musical history. Whether it’s samba, bossa
nova or MPB, it would not have been the same without
the work of Noël Rosa. Enjoy this comp.


1 São coisas nossas
2 Onde está a honestidade ?
3 Conversa de botequim
4 Você vai se quiser (with Marília Baptista)
5 Gago apaixonado
6 Positivismo
7 João Ninguém
8 Malandro medroso
9 Com que roupa ?
10 Seu Jacinto (with Ismaël Silva)
11 Minha viola
12 Cordiais saudações
13 Por causa da hora
14 Mentiras de mulher
15 Coração
16 Arranjei um fraseado|


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