Tchico – La Voix d’Or d’Afrique
Maïkano 1983

Pambou Tchicaya Denis or short, Tchico is back at the GG with an
album from 1983. It’s a very sweet sounding one by Africa’s Golden
Voice, produced on the smooth side this one goes in like honey.


1 Giselle
2 Kathy
3 Loango
4 Marriage


0 thoughts on “Tchico – La Voix d’Or d’Afrique
Maïkano 1983

  1. well Anonymous,
    I was under the impression this a Togolaise release considering backcover details.
    I might be wrong, what do you think ?

  2. I think that in Togo it’s only a local dealer.
    But it’s not important. It’s wonderful music. Thanks again.


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