L. Diatho & Joe Mpoyi – 100 – 1,Maïkano 1983

This here LP brings together two Congolese singers with impressive
CV. They appeared in loads of great bands throughout the years. Back-
sleeve shows you exactly where they played, complete with years and
a list of the tracks they wrote. A few names; Veve de Verckys, Somo Somo,
and the legendary OK Jazz. On this album they sing two songs by each
of them accompanied by some of the biggest. Bopol on bass, Dizzy Mandjeku
and Dally on guitares with Manana. Ringo Moya, Bento, Kabongo Wetu and Anany.
Enjoy Dialu Antoine Dit Lukoki Diatho and Joe Mpoyi Kaninda.


1 100 – 1
2 Vava
3 Lubuela
4 Kansebu


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