Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band
Benga Blast!, Earthworks 1989

Benga Blast!, front, cd size

Benga Blast ! Kenya’s Hottest Sound, Oh yes, most certainly.
Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band rocked Africa through
the eighties with earth-shattering bass, bubbling and stinging
guitars, strong vocals and totally compulsive rhythms. The whole
topped with sharp witty lyrics. Backsleeve states the following;


1 Joshirati Misiani ( Shirati and Misiani )
2 Safari Tanzania ( visit to Tanzania )
3 Wuoro monono ( Greed is useless )
4 Dr. J. Abuya
5 Honourable Horace Owiti Ongili
6 Agnes Nyashirati ( Agnes, Shirati’s friend )
7 Alice Atieno
8 Okoth Atari ( Okoth is supercool )


6 thoughts on “Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band
Benga Blast!, Earthworks 1989

  1. Whenever you post a record that I actually already own – like today – I suddenly feel hip! Thanks! And keep the benga coming, it’s lovely music.

  2. Yeah I’ve had this one for ages too. One of the records that inspired me to keep exploring the different styles from different parts of Africa. Love the Kenyan sound!

  3. Fortunately that young Daniel Owino persevered when his father broke his first guitar.
    Wa miel uru benga!(let us dance all something of beautiful).

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