Orchestre Les Mangelepa – The Riot Continues,Pathé Marconi EMI 1977

From 1977 comes this album by les Mangelepa, a Congolese band
that operated in Kenya. To give you some decent information I’d better
redirect you to muzikifan .
As you may have seen I started a little enquete to see what lives most
among our visitors, it runs untill the 6th of may when the page has it’s two
year anniversary. Thanks for participating. Meantime we’re gonna do some
dancing with Orchestre Les Mangelepa, hope u enjoy.


1 Mangelepa kamili
2 Sakina
3 Nganga-kimetu
4 Ekubuku


10 thoughts on “Orchestre Les Mangelepa – The Riot Continues,Pathé Marconi EMI 1977

  1. Thaks moss, its a beuty sound, les mangelepa its my favorite bands. incluiding kiam, lipua lipua, kiland orc mabalatai.

  2. Hola my friend I am jorge zaiko langa of colombia barranquilla, I like his(her,your) blog and I am charmed with the African music the better(best) of this world.

    He(She) lacks music of gaby lita thick-lipped, orchestra shika shika, stukas, grand zaiko wawa, langa langa stars, choc stars, zaire promotion 2000, and many mas of the congo and of the zaire.

    My mail is jorge_zaiko19@hotmail.com my cel is 3017492771 my faceboock aparesco as jorge zaiko langa.

  3. Thanks Moos! The Mangelepa “boys” rocked Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania, Ruanda, Burundi, Malawi and Zimbabwe but they seem to have been unknown in their native Congo (In the heart of Africa, the competition was much stiffer!). They were based in Kenya and the secret behind their success must have been the spellbinding voice of their leader, “Le Capitaine” Bwamy.

  4. Mangelepa was one of the bands that stimulated my interest in African music. In the early 80’s, I was listening fairly regularly to the musical program (I believe it was called ‘Kilimanjaro’) on Africa No 1 in Libreville, Gabon. They were giving ‘Pambana’ fairly heavy air play, and that song just grabbed my attention and hooked me. It wasn’t until years later, when the internet really kicked in, that I figured out who the band was, but I played those off-air recordings to death! Thank you so much!

  5. Hello Moos!

    Thank you very much for capturing these fond mangelepa memories.

    Surely, nkbidy dies it better than Les Mangelepa!

    Kindly get us the 7Th Anniversary album by Mangelepa. It’s our dynamite!!! “

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