Max Massengo et le Negro Band,Pathé Marconi / EMI 1976

It is always a great feeling, searching for nice music on a record-fair,
and than finding a whole box full of rarities. This is what happened at
the last fair. A big pile of Pathé Marconi’s and Sonafric’s in top quality,
changed of owner that day. You lucky bastards have no idea how
I was driving home, I can hardly wait for the next fair.
Listen to this treasure by Max Massengo and realize, this is gold.
Some more info on the subject is to be found here.


1 Masseke
2 Affairee
3 Na n’dimi mobali
4 Mokono Antoine
5 Louisa to bokolo bana
6 Tokabwana malembe
7 Bongo ya fami
8 Françoise


12 thoughts on “Max Massengo et le Negro Band,Pathé Marconi / EMI 1976

  1. Excellent!

    Thanks again for your generosity, this stuff warms my heart despite the heat index in the 108F range!

    I have something to listen to as I fire the grill and down the suds!

    wuod k

  2. Thanks moss for that lp i want to make a question, do you have a lp called AFFAIRE MOUGOYE by mavuela somo? i have been seeking for a many years.. if you have.. please posting here i will apreciate.



    From Barranquilla – Colombia

  3. Great album, and thanks as always for sharing. Cannot wait to see what else you have scored. Notice the parallels between the first song on this album, Masseke, and Franco’s Course au Pouvoir?

  4. lEONARDO – I just found a copy of the AFFAIRE MOUGOYE LP at a yard sale. it's in great shape and is an incredible record. would like to know more about it, but it seems to be super rare.

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