“Orchestre le Peuple” “Trio Ce.Pa.Kos”
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1975

Emerged from Les Bantous de la Capitale, le Trio CePaKos ( Celio,
Pamelo and Kosmos ) co-founded this Orchestra, ‘Le Peuple’, the people
in 1973. Three vocalists who needed a new band while the band they left
was in need of new singers and recruited Théo Blaise Kounkou, Pambou
Tchico Tchicaya and Joseph ‘José’ Missamou.
From 1975 to sweeten up your life.

I would like to dedicate this post to those 4 nice French
people who visited my little shop this week. You were so enthousiastic
about finding Congolese music here, enjoy it very much !


1 Lettre ouverte
2 Abetty
3 Baza
4 Limbisa ngai Massengo
5 Mama na Claudia
6 Nellya
7 Na poni peuple


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Pathé Marconi / EMI 1975

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