Orchestre du Bawobab – Adduna Jarul Naawo
Disques Buur Records 1975

Bawobab, front, cd size

What have we got for you today ? A rare Senegalese album by
Orchestre du Bawobab ( Boabab ). Strange thing about this LP is
the fact that side one contains 5 tracks while the sleeve only speaks
of 4. Now I don’t understand a word of Wolof or whatever language
they sing in here. Listening really good made me gamble a bit.
Track 1 & 2 are most certainly tagged as they should. In track 5,
I think I hear the word ‘Wango’ a few times so that leaves 3 & 4.
One of those tracks must be ‘Sama xol bul dem’ and the other is
unknown. I just gambled and suggest track 4 is the unknown factor.
I might be wrong, if anyone can clear up this matter, that would be great.
If I mistake you should all rename the tracks in the right order and so.
One way or the other, this is a fine piece of Senegalese music history.

P.S. I found a tracklist on the web that tells us track 1 is called
‘Seeri Takama’, a name that does not appear on the sleeve at all.
Could that be the missing track ?
Hope you enjoy !


1 Fecal waay sama xol
2 Adduna jarul naawo
3 Sama xol bul dem
4 Unknown title
5 Wango
6 Sama xol faatu joop
7 Fuutu tooro
8 Jolina
9 Mansani siise


20 thoughts on “Orchestre du Bawobab – Adduna Jarul Naawo
Disques Buur Records 1975

  1. Hmm, well, the second cut (“Adduna Jarul Naawo”) appears to be the same song that is called “Dée Moo Wóor” on the Nonesuch disc Specialist in All Styles (2002).

    That’s not much help, is it?

  2. Also, cut 3 (“Sama Xol Bul Dem”) is the same song as the one called “Sama Rev” on the Africando disc Tierra Tradicional.

  3. This album was posted with eight songs by Oro, after comparing it, trying to find the mysterious track.
    I find that one theme stuck after (Adduna Jarul Naawo) sung in Spanish and Wolof is (Bul dem Sama Xol)
    If I’m right “Sama Xol bul dem” My heart I will not leave you, and then comes the theme (Yanfa Magni) in Mandinka, something like the grudge is bad.

  4. 1- Fecal Waay Sama Xool
    2- Adduna Jarul Naawo
    3- Sama Xol Bu Dem
    4- Unknown = Kanoute
    5- Wango
    6- Sama Xool Faatu Hoop
    7- Fuutu To oro
    8- Jolina
    9- Mansani Siise

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