Rachid King et les Imbattables,Sonafric 1976

Rachid King, front, cd size

Sometimes it’s hard to see the logics of things, like here.
The LP’s label is quite clear about a-side and b-side but
on the back of the sleeve they turned things around. It happens
more often than you would think,..bla bla. I am really starting to
talk nonsense when I don’t know anything about the album.
It’s true about the songs though but I can’t seem to find out
anything else that’s useful. Matsuli used some of it once, maybe
he can tell us more. For now you’ll have to do with listening to it.


1 Alanga-Nzembo ( 1er )
2 Mawazo-Mwarabu
3 Lukige ( 1er )
4 La vie mot difficile
5 Esprit de Salongo
6 Mwanamuke hana siri
7 Lukige ( 2e )
8 Alanga-Nzembo ( 2e )


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  1. dear Mr. Rachid King, how nice to find your being one of our visitors. I am happy to hear you support my posting your music.
    At times people tend to think it’s a bad thing and infringing with copyrights, good to see another way of looking at things, long live the internet. cheers..

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