Franco & l’OK Jazz -Merveilles du Passé 1957 1958,african 1986

Some oldies but goodies tonight. These recordings are from
1957 and 1958. Being from ’58 myself, I can tell you, good stuff
was produced in those days. ha ha, no serious, it should be
possible to update that old rubbish. Give me a USB gate some-
where and a regular update, wouldn’t that be 2011 ? This album
brings us 6 songs by the grand master and 2 by Vicky. As usual,
it is high class material, did the old man make one bad album ?


1 Motema ya lokoso
2 Oyangani ngai ?
3 Oleka tukomane
4 Ngai oyo nazongi
5 Bana ages
6 Oh ! Katharina
7 La mulata rumber
8 Malambo zela
9 Mami majos
10 OK Jazz makila mabe
11 Grupo O.K. Jazz
12 Baboni mboka


0 thoughts on “Franco & l’OK Jazz -Merveilles du Passé 1957 1958,african 1986

  1. there are plenty of good music produced in various years..

    anyway thanks always for posting amazingly good rare music.

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