Orchestre Kiam – Editions Vévé
african 360.062, 1975

Orchestre Kiam, front

Orchestre Kiam stands out for it’s vocal harmonies and
smashing guitar work. Swift light rhythms complete the sound.
I am blown away every time I hear them. Songs are written by
Lele N’sundi, Mboyo Bola, Muzola Ngunga, Bakolo Keta and
Botuli Ilonge. Some of the tracks have a fade out that ends
a bit abrupt, can’t help that. Another Editions
Vévé on ‘african’, hope U like.


1 yoyowe
2 Muana Kiam
3 Kunde kunde
4 Baya-baya
5 Nina
6 Lombe


4 thoughts on “Orchestre Kiam – Editions Vévé
african 360.062, 1975

  1. Thanks for the hot tracks from Orchestre Kiam. Kiamanguana Mateta alias Verckys put together a great band that produced some wonderful music!

  2. Thanks for posting this. Orchestre Kiam had the best guitar players. The solo parts on their tracks are always mind blowing. Really: the best electric guitar solos ever! Like on “Yoyowe” for instance. Or on “Memi” (which is not on this album).

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