Congo, Tours de Force vol.8

Congo, Tours de Force, vol.8

To all lovers of Congolese music, here’s compilation
number eight. Hope you like’m as much as you did
the other seven. Sunday morning sunrise with
sunday morning tunes. enjoy them.


1 Franco – Marceline
2 K.P. Flammy – Mu nzila n’sona
3 le Seigneur Rochereau et l’African Fiesta National – Savon Omo
4 Les Grands Maquisards – Maria Mboka
5 Rumbanella Band – Africa mokili mobimba
6 Franco & Ochestre O.K. Jazz – La vérité de Franco
7 Trio Madjesi & Orchestre Sosoliso – Massengo malingi yo
8 Jean Bokelo & Ensemble Conga Succes – Mawa na biso basi
9 Verckys – Dellya
10 Luambo Makiadi – Tolanda nzela moko
11 Rochereau – Mokolo nakokufa
12 Orchestre Elegance Jazz – Ngalula Marthe
13 Sam Mangwana – Toboyi te
14 Franco et l’O.K. Jazz – Ven y ven y ven
15 Orchestre OK Jazz ( Mujos ) – Revolver


8 thoughts on “Congo, Tours de Force vol.8

  1. I have been enjoying the first seven so much I can hardly stand it! Thank you for sharing this music and thanks for these wonderful compilations.

  2. Very good collection from you, thanks alot. can you find me les grand success des editions veve vol.7 lp plse?

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