Orchestre Bella-Bella – les frères Soki,african 360.064, 1974

Orchestre Bella-Bella, front

The 300th Congolese post at the Global Groove.
Oh yes my dear visitor, this is wonderful. On ‘african’ we
have this 1974 album by Orchestre Bella-Bella. It is
another jewel from Congo’s seventies you don’t want
to miss. Number 360.064 was still absent in our list
but today that finally changes. The brothers Soki
wrote some fine songs and ‘african’ took care of
a nice atmospheric cover for the album.
Pure gold.


1 Houleux-houleux
2 Youyou
3 Sentima
4 Kukulu cache cache
5 Menga
6 Bienvenu doudou


0 thoughts on “Orchestre Bella-Bella – les frères Soki,african 360.064, 1974

  1. YES!!

    What a wonderful post for the 300th congolese post! I thank you very much for this LP that is truly a rare gem! Good of you to share this.

    I know you know this already but it is so wonderful to see again and again that your blog is a true cultural resource making so many treasures available to the many!

    Thank you moos!

  2. happy 300th, deejaymoos! i’m loving the echoic ear candy floating from yer soundcloud as i type these heartfelt praises. many inspirational returns

  3. congratulations 300 and growing. I wish you had some more zaire 2000 promotion albums. and there are also so many eddysons undiscovered, so many albums I never heard or even knew that are presented in full here,

    Thanks Moos

    greetings Richard

  4. BIG CONGRATS to No. 300 and eternal thanks from a true follower of your excellent blog: THE CHAIRMAN

  5. I’ve never really listened closely to these guys, but the popping, octave leaping guitar in Youyou is really extraordinary, especially from the solo on. THANKS, as always, and Happy Anniversary.

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