Orchestre Masano, Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Orchestre Masano, front

Soukous is nice, however, I tend to like the older stuff
better. Maybe it is because I’m getting older myself. Anyway,
what we have here today is an album by an orchestra I can’t
tell you a whole lot about. It is from 1977 on Pathé Marconi
and selected by Blaise Fayette Mikano like most of the 70’s
LP’s on this label. The songs were written by Pierre Loukoua-
moussou, Pascal Bonanga, Diop Terzieff and Tomba Dian
Mahungu. No familiar names to me, wonderful sleeve-pic.


1 Mikala
2 Bisanga
3 Kimpa kia Maano 2
4 Ngindo
5 Simplicité
6 Ata ngai 5e


4 thoughts on “Orchestre Masano, Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

  1. holi colorful cow paddies! thank you very much for what you are doing .. most of this music would end up in a heap of moldy dust if it were not for u .. gracias

  2. Moos: love these lesser known Congolese bands, especially the recordings on Pathe (and you’ve given us quite a few). Thank you!

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