Kenyan Sound 1977 – Various Artists,Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Kenyan Sound 77, front

When I am looking through my collection to determine
which LP to post, I need to have a strong feel about the
sound off course. I also like to bring some variation, that
way we keep listening with pleasure. Another important thing
is the visual aspect of it, we wanna keep up the looks right ?
I think it is a crime to put commercial stickers on albumsleeves
that cannot be removed again. With this one I’m not even trying,
seen ‘m before and got frustrated already. You end up destroying
your precious find. Horrible. Anyway, as I said, the sound comes
first. It was hard to place the skips at the right moment, such short
silences in between, I hope they’re good. The Benga on this album
is absolutely indestroyable, we can’t go wrong there.
Love that Kenyan Sound of 1977.


1 Victoria King’s Jazz – Mzee William Agao
2 Victoria King’s Jazz – Mr. Andrew Ogol
3 Victoria King’s Jazz – R. Bolo
4 Victoria King’s Jazz – Michael Odero
5 Victoria King’s Jazz – Ben Amon’go
6 Victoria King’s Jazz – Zablon Oloo
7 Jolly Matata Band – Okech Oula
8 Jolly Matata Band – Jaber Ola e Boma No.2
9 Kiwiro Matata Band – M.A. Bianeni
10 Kiwiro Matata Band – Oluoch Kanindo


7 thoughts on “Kenyan Sound 1977 – Various Artists,Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

  1. Thank you very much Moos. Hundreds and maybe thousands of 7 inch singles came from this great period of Kenyan music. It is very nice to see them on such a compilation album.

    If someone has a pile of 7 inches, please make them available, for they sound so much better. Made to play loud. Albums,so often, have a compressed version (etc mostly technical talk)

    Anyway, thanks a million times for all the great stuff that you keep on posting


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