Franco joue avec Sam Mangwana,Rythmes et Musique

Franco, front

Tonight, my fellow groovers, I am asking for your help on
a matter. While recording this LP I discovered a mistake.
Track 4 is obviously ‘Aziza’ instead of track 3. I am assuming
the titles on side-b have been switched around but I’m not 100 %
sure. Track 1 is titled correctly to my opinion, I think to hear the
name in the music. Maybe track 2 and track 3 are still wrong.
Can you give us your view on the case ? Good,
than we can sit and enjoy these four
jiving songs, check…


1 Lukoli
2 Awela-awela
3 Decca
4 Aziza


10 thoughts on “Franco joue avec Sam Mangwana,Rythmes et Musique

  1. it is a great Lp hearing a song of Sam Mangwana. Then we have the two great songs from Grand Maitre Franco. He is a genius guitarist. His solos impressed me a lot. I am impressed by Franco’s greatness. I give my salute to Grand Maitre Franco.

  2. I enjoy this work a lot. Lukoki and Awela Awela is composed by Grand Maitre Franco. Aziza is composed by Dizzy Mandjeku. Decca is composed by of course Mamou person Mpupi Decca. That is how the songs are done. I enjoy this LP a lot. Hopefully that explains how the song go. This LP is a great lp from Grand Maitre Franco. Grand Maitre Franco made two memorable songs. I can not get those songs out of my head. I give my salute to Grand Maitre Franco.

  3. Global Grooves should be made a Shrine for all Franco fans. Thanks a million Moos for being so big-hearted. Fellow bloggers, aren’t we simply spoilt? 😀

  4. Spot on, Timothy. I looked up the discography at the back of ‘Congo Colossus’ and computed that (TP)OK Jazz had 84 albums listed of which I also worked out that I’d heard exactly 75% (63). I’ll bet that over half of those have been heard from this blog. You’re a champion, Moos. (PS. Franco lovers also have much to thank the World Service blog for)

  5. If you can get past the late 80’s drum sound on this then the music is wonderful. The first track Lukoli and the third Decca are particularly memorable. I just want to hear them again and again. Amazing guitar, and groove as always. Too bad the guitar is so timeless while the drums haven’t aged as well. Still it’s pretty amazing that franco was cranking out records of this caliber in 1989. What a talent!

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