Re-PostLuambo Makiadi & son Orchestre OK Jazz
Editions Populaires 10e Anniversaire 1965-1975
african 360.081, 1982

Luambo Makiadi, front, cd size

Last friday we had us another recordfair here in Utrecht.
I went out there and found quite some wonderful LP’s you’re
gonna see passing by in the near future. Now I found out
something I want to share with you groovers. Do you
remember this great Franco LP, ‘Editions Populaires 10e
Anniversaire 1965-1975’ ? From the very beginning I tried
to remove the two annoying little jumps in the first song; ‘Cinq
ans ekoki’. For years I had been thinking that the two disturbing
jumps were from my copy only. I went out searching on the world
wide web but found only copy’s with the same disturbing two tics.
It may sound silly but because of this I thought the whole world
was listening to my copy, every time I found it somewhere, it had
the same two jumps again. Last friday at the fair, I found the album
again and bought it for 15 euro’s thinking I now finally had a clean copy
of the song I like so much. What the heck, it has the same two little
annoying jumps. So, my fellow collectors, it’s now finally clear,
‘african 360.081’ contains a recording of which probably is NO
clean version available. I ask you, is there anybody out there who
has a clean version of ‘Cinq ans ekoki’ without a jump in the brrrrrr-part
and in the bla bla bla-part ? I like the song so much, I wanted to use it
in some compilation long time already but never did it because of the
disturbance.( oh, I did, sorry ) Please somebody, give us a clean copy…!


1 Cinq ans Ekoki
2 Salongo alinga mosala
3 Votez vert
4 Epublique du Zaire
5 Tolanda nzela moko
6 Ba depute mbilinga-mbilinga toboyi
7 Belela authenticite na congres ya mpr 1er
8 Belela authenticite na congres ya mpr 2e


9 thoughts on “Re-PostLuambo Makiadi & son Orchestre OK Jazz
Editions Populaires 10e Anniversaire 1965-1975
african 360.081, 1982

  1. Ow Don’t worry Moos. You got the work of Grand Maitre Franco. Even if the quality of Franco is not great but just having Luambo Makiadi is all good. I mean you got his great songs. If I had lived in Europe then I would have had all Franco collections with me. No doubt.

  2. a friend told me one of Bob Marley’s albums was censored in a strange way in Africa. He said all the copy’s of a certain LP were cut with a stanleyknife to avoid people hearing a certain passage. Could it be possible that Franco’s song ‘cinq ans ekoki’ was censored in more or less the same way ?

  3. I don’t know about the possibility of any censorship but find it highly unlikely. As this is in praise of the party the bla bla bla and blo blo blo is probably just tounge in cheek. The person to give a good answer to this might be Stefan at wrldsrv. I can just add to the choir and report that all my three copies have the same defect. Most likely the skips were already in the 45 copy they used…

  4. Sometimes it is best not to give much explanation, any of us would be happy to give you this song just for your request, but if there is a clean copy and a seller read the post, now will start asking for 150 euros at least.

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