Pamelo Mounk’a – Selimandja
Mayazola Music 1980

Pamelo Mounk'a, front

Carnaval is over and I didn’t post any Brazilian music, you are
right Fabricio, it has been a while. Tried to make one but I failed
and now it’s determined to wait some more. Soon come. Today it is
time for Congolese treasure. I don’t know a year on this one, no
personnel, it doesn’t give us any information. Info or not, listening
to this great lp is no waist of time. Find more on Pamelo here .

By the way, files labled ‘Zimbabwe’ are Up again !


1 Selimandja
2 I’m sorry darling
3 Tamara amour
4 Mpota na motema


8 thoughts on “Pamelo Mounk’a – Selimandja
Mayazola Music 1980

  1. You put the masterpiece music from Pamelo Mounka. Pamelo is someone who is a huge genius and not only made great songs but made some classic material. I feel like this work is something that is important for Pamelo Mounka. Pamelo Mounka is a great souvineur of Congolese Music.

  2. Caro Moos, please do not worry! I listened to quite a bit of Afro sounds these days as well (including things I downloaded here), and nobody can say they won’t fit: actually they fit Carnaval better than many things being played these days…
    Anyway, Carnaval isn’t completely over yet (only officially, but that means very little when Carnaval is concerned) and a late post will still be timely: there will still be plenty of “blocos” coming weekend 😉
    Abraços, Fabricio

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