Sam Mangwana & l’African All Stars
M’banda Kazaka, Adios Records

Sam Mangwana & l'African All Stars, front

Good evening, fridaynight and I’m in a good mood.
Rounded up an important job today and felt up for
a new post. Not only did I rip us an lp by the man
we hadn’t had before, I also re-upped all his and the
African All Stars’ albums with the total of 20.
This is Sam Mangwana & l’African All Stars with
an album on the ‘Adios’ label from Abidjan if
I’m not mistaking. Get it and spread it..


1 M’banda kazaka
2 International mabouya
3 Bi kumba-kumba


13 thoughts on “Sam Mangwana & l’African All Stars
M’banda Kazaka, Adios Records

  1. Hello Moos,

    My GG bookmark is tagged directly to the Congo label so I’ve had to eavesdrop elsewhere to catch up with the conversation. Thanks for this great Sam Mangwana LP.

  2. Moos, I can’t gladly thank you enough for such quality music you have posted and I’ve been looking for this LP thank you so much this is rare! Keep it up with more Soukous, Congolese, basically more good stuff really btw do you also have Suzana Coulibaly LP?

  3. Definitely beautiful, this rare lp I had looked for several years.
    You always offering the best, this just means something specific lp “Total Happiness”
    The best artists of the Congo here present, no demerit.

    Thanks again! You Thank You!!!

  4. This a great post. Sam Mangwana one of the best singers of his generation. Sam Mangwana made golde everywhere he went. He made gold and made great music. I enjoy his stuff. Thanks as always Moos.

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