African Fiesta – Authenticité, vol.2
african 360.071, 1966

African Fiesta, front

This lp contains twelve tracks, recorded in 1962, 1963,
1964 and 1966. African Fiesta plays songs by Rochereau,
Kwamy, Mujos and Pablito. I suppose it is save to say
these artists truly are who they claim to be, it seems
even this great label made an occasional error.


1   Rendez-vous chez là-bas
2   Tremendo punto
3   Faux millionnaire
4   Belinda
5   Fiesta kombo ya sika
6   Tozali kozila
7   Seli kutu
8   Camalee
9   Bandimi ngai tata
10  Tembe nde tembe
11  N’daya “paradis”
12  Domingo o sabado


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african 360.071, 1966

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