Music from Zaïre, vol.3 – Various Artists
Soundpoint / Afrodisia 1983

Music from Zaïre, vol.3, front

Good evening groovers, welcome at the global. What
have we got cooking for you today ? A Nigerian collector
on ‘Soundpoint’, which was a sublabel for Afrodisia. It con-
tains various Congolese tracks, some known and some
unknown, speaking strictly from the GG point of view. Eight
of our beloved groups with eight excelent songs. The label
of this lp speaks of 1983 while the backsleeve says 1977,
quite a difference so I suggest it was first released in 1977
and re-issued in 1983, what do you think ? How ever it is,
don’t miss catching this fish, it’s a tasty one..


1   Orchestre Elegance Jazz – Ngalula Mathe
2   Orchestre Fiesta Sukisa – Yokolo 1
3   Orchestre Lipua-Lipua – Kamale 1
4   Orchestre African Fiesta – Mokili makambo
5   Orchestre Vévé – Dona 2
6   Orchestre Bella-Bella – Mbuta 2
7   Orchestre T.P.O.K. Jazz – Mado
8   Orchestre African Jazz – B.B. 69


17 thoughts on “Music from Zaïre, vol.3 – Various Artists
Soundpoint / Afrodisia 1983

  1. I nearly passed out when I came across this! I have been trying to find Mokili Makambo for the last 40 years and started to think I had imagined this record; many of my friends claimed not to remember it. So glad, I wasn’t hallucinating!

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