David Tochino Biniakounou – Self Titled,Safari Ambiance

David Tochino, front

David Tochino Biniakounou started his career very young
in l’Orchestre Super Tembessa. We had one of their albums
some time ago. After that he made a round performing with
African Negro, Cercul Jazz, Mack, Kimba, Negro Band,
ATC-Music and l’Ensemble Musical de 8 février. He was
an allround artist, playing guitar and drums, being a
vocalist, writer, composer and arranger,
get it now and spread it somehow !

Master Mwana Congo – Solo guitar
Rigo Star – Rhythm guitar
Gérard Kimbolo – 2nd Rhythm guitar
Kinzonzi du Soleil – Bass
David Tochino – Lead vocals
André Pamomiel – 2nd Vocal
Clotaire Douley – 3rd Vocal
Kanda Bongo – 4th Vocal
Domingo Sassero – Drums
N’kouri Prosper – Tumba percussion
Ernesto Tito Puentes – Trompet
Clémente Lozano – Trompet, flute
G. Fellove – Saxophone


1   Ayle
2   Calvaire
3   La prisienne
4   Okalette
5   Boni elaka


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