Passy Mermans – Les Grands Succes
Africains vol. 6, Pathe Marconi 1976

Passy Mermans, front

Every time I go to the Utrecht recordfair I meet with one
of the French recorddealers. This guy always brings some
special material. Take this record, a discovery I made through
him this time. From 1976 on Pathé Marconi we found Passy
Mermans. He is performing here with Orchestre Bantous, 1,2,3,
4 & 9, Orchestre Lisolo, 7 & 8 and Orchestre Les Nzoy, 5 & 6. The
Lisolo orchestra developed from a group called Mando Négro under
the leadership of Passy Mermans. I suspect family ties with Belgium
descendants concerning his last name. ( ‘Verckys’ does the same.. )
Although I pay a fair price for the lp’s, I’m happy to find people making
available such rare lost treasures for us to find and reanimate. Don’t
just get it, but be sure to also spread it and breathe
new life into it.. damn good..


1   Badette
2   C’est serieux tantine
3   Bubote mona pele
4   A mon avis
5   Ata ko poso moko
6   Mazekimba
7   Masolo
8   Owelaki mingi
9   A.T.C. voie ferree


12 thoughts on “Passy Mermans – Les Grands Succes
Africains vol. 6, Pathe Marconi 1976

  1. Some of these songs were released on a CD some years ago. Compilations are OK, but they assume that the compiler the one who knows which are the good songs. It’s good to get to hear the whole album…which I sadly do not have.

  2. Just found this LP in perfect shape in an antique shop in Montreal for $5 this afternoon and couldn't be happier. Beautiful sounds! It's nice to see that someone has already posted this album to share with others. Props.

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