Bopol Mansiamina – Ça c’est quoi ? Shakara Music

Bopol, front

Hello world, it is saturday morning this 9th of march,
spring is not there yet and that shows. Rain, rain and
more rain is pouring from the sky. Winter took far too
long to pass this year and we’re all glad temperatures
are rising slowly, we’re not there yet but it gets better.
The best we can do is take an advance on summer by
listening to some warm soukous for instance. Bopol
Mansiamina is the man I have in mind and he’s back
with this album on which we find some of the finest
artists. On guitars next to Bopol himself we’ve got
Lokassa ya M’bongo and Dally Kimoko. On bass
it’s Bopol once more and he’s also taking care of
vocals with Wuta May, Ballou and Jean Papy.
Denis Hekimian on drums, nothing can go
wrong here. In the mean time we’re
making good progress with the
new and improved GG..
Hang in there a
bit more..


1 Ça c’est quoi ?
2 Mu karame
3 Makwandungu
4 Patience
5 Maizo


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