Les Bantous – Les Grands Succes Africains vol. 3
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1975

Les Bantous, front

Good morning, welcome at the Global Groove. Spring has
officially started this week but nature doesn’t seem to realize
yet. It’s cold in the Netherlands, still freezing at night and folks
are slowly getting tired of it. Let’s try and concentrate on a better
climate to arrive real soon. To help us get through, this lp will
surely add to that warmer feeling. ‘Les Bantous’ made quite
some wonderful albums and this is no exception. From 1975
on Pathé Marconi we’ve got us ‘Les Grands Succes Africains’
volume 3, a real sweet treat that will make temperatures
rise without any doubt, get it & spread it..


1   Makambo mibale
2   Mama na mwana
3   Ya gaby
4   Monsieur, on va se marier
5   Meno nkumbi nzila
6   Bamba
7   Tumao
8   Macaro


7 thoughts on “Les Bantous – Les Grands Succes Africains vol. 3
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1975

  1. Following your lead, I started posting to Zippyshare some time ago, and was just wondering what trouble you've been having. Besides that, thanks for this latest treasure!

  2. Hey Moos! Thank you for not giving up with this blog. I love the music you&#39;ve posted and I thank you for finding these rare albums to share.<br /><br />Can you post African Brothers Band Int. led by Nana Ampadu (Susana) LP? I hope I&#39;m not asking for too much. Please notify me if you can.<br /><br />Thanks a million Moos!<br /><br />

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