Mangelepa – Kwasa-Kwasa Dance Gramma Records 1989

Mangelepa, front

Who remembers les Mangelepa ? It is one of those Congolese
groups that moved to Kenya and made lots of records there. This lp
is from 1989 and was released by Gramma and produced by Bothwell
Nyamhondera & Henry Peters. Label and first producer
I only knew from Zimbabwan artist Thomas Mapfumo, now
with Mangelepa. They call this music Kwasa-Kwasa
dance, a type of soukous also made by for
instance Pépé Kallé, listen
and dance away..


1 Cherie tracy
2 Tosambela nzambe
3 Kamulabi
4 Mokili


12 thoughts on “Mangelepa – Kwasa-Kwasa Dance Gramma Records 1989

  1. Thanks for this! Lots of good album excerpts by them up on Youtube, but the albums themselves seem very hard to come by. At least I've got a bunch of Mupfumo on my buy-for-me list for the holidays. 😉

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