Alberto Montiel y su Conjunto
Corazon Adolorido, Victoria 1977

Alberto Montiel, front

..know something, I’m getting tired of my own writing,..
it really sucks..I can’t tell you anything useful, don’t know
anything about the band,..just know what my ears tell me
..azucar, this vallenato is pure Colombian treasure..
..nothing else..I’ll shut up now, go listen..


1 El picaflor
2 Corazon adolorido
3 El pobre no se endereza
4 Lluvia de amor
5 Zenaida
6 Enamorao con pena
7 Recuerdos
8 Pajaro sorprendido
9 Petronita
10 El regaƱo


3 thoughts on “Alberto Montiel y su Conjunto
Corazon Adolorido, Victoria 1977

  1. Moos, whatever you write, the thing that always comes through is love. Love and respect for the music and musicians and it makes visit here such a thrill. The sounds are pretty fantastic, too.

  2. don&#39;t bother about education or info while writing – it&#39;s your individual thoughts and personal feelings that counts, and it&#39;s not the length but the depth, that counts here :)<br /><br />gracias!

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