Hit Parade Africain vol. 3
Various Artists Pathé Marconi 1973

Hit Parade Africain, front

One of the things I’m always struggling with is how
to tell you about the quality of an album. We tend
to use the same superlatives all the time, great,
fine, swell, superb, awesome, words that loose
their true meaning when used too much. Now I
need to tell you how fantastic this lp really is and
don’t have the words. To me, finding an lp like this
one, on Pathé Marconi, from 1973, concerning a
Congolese collector, almost sure it is dynamite.
Now better believe me and don’t hesitate,
cause it is..


1 Orchestre Sinza – Dipato
2 Orchestre Hi-Fives – Kyrie eleison
3 Orchestre Mando Negro – Daudet lingaka
4 Orchestre Les Noirs – Mosasa ndembo
5 Moji and the Tropicals – Duniani mateso
6 Orchestre Mando Negro – Na boyi danbinzi
7 Orchestre Sinza – Telephone 001
8 Orchestre Hi-Fives – Agy “I love you”
9 Paul Ebeny – London bwam
10 Orchestre Manta Lokoka – Dellya wa lucette


20 thoughts on “Hit Parade Africain vol. 3
Various Artists Pathé Marconi 1973

  1. Thanks for this. I've just had some time (after entertaining relatives) to start listening. The contents speak for themselves–you've already put a couple of Orch Sinza albums up, before, and they were excellent, as are Les Noirs. But it's also a great pleasure to hear all this in such fine sound. So much of what's out there, especially on Youtube, has been played down so far into

  2. Thanks for this great share to welcome the New Year.<br /><br />All the best wishes for 2014 and greatly anticipating the new site you working on. <br /><br />

  3. You sir, are correct trying to find an adjective for this album. It goes beyond. Thanks a lot for this. For all your uploads, really. But in this comment I do not want to let unnoticed your enthusiasm and effort in sharing all this great music, and the struggle, time and energy that goes into it. Thanks again. Kudos from Colombia. (your shares from south american, caribbean and antilles music has

  4. Many thanks for this great music, the re-ups of your great compilations, and other recent postings Dr. Moos. Best wishes for a happy 2014!

  5. Just found about your blog, I must say it&#39;s incredible. Thanks for the music and keep the good work.<br /><br />Greetings from Lima, Peru.

  6. Unfortunately I&#39;ve been disconnected for a few weeks during travel, and missed this fantastic post before it was deleted from zippy. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks for your unending work to keep this music alive!!!

  7. This is great. Do you have the other volumes? I just found vol.1 as mp3s. I would love to have 4 and 2 also.
    Do you want number 1?

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