Franco et Sam Mangwana avec le T.P. O.K. Jazz – Coopération, Edipop 1982

Franco et Sam Mangwana, front

It took a few years but at the last recordfair I finally got
lucky and found this wonderful lp. It is without doubt one
of the grand maître’s very best albums. With the great Sam
Mangwana and le Tout Puissant O.K. Jazz, Lutumba Simaro
being one of the loyal guitarists, from 1982, on Edipop, what
more can you wish for..? Get it & Spread it..


1 Coopération
2 Loboko nalitama
3 Faute ya commercant
4 Zala sportif


11 thoughts on “Franco et Sam Mangwana avec le T.P. O.K. Jazz – Coopération, Edipop 1982

  1. excelente global groove ojala puedan resubir los enlaces muertos de sam mangwana o regalarnos mas de soukous gracias desde cartagena -colombia

  2. Dear Moo,I lost all my vinyl when I moved back to Europe. thanks to sites like this I really got some of my missing past back. My collection of Franco is getting slowly complete again. I have been looking for this masterpiece I lost for years.I am very excited and can't wait to play it. I know you don't do requests but if you ever think of posting more Franco repost au Club Safari it is

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