Dolcey Gutierrez y sus Specialistas
Con la Cocorra Pela
Sonolux 1980

Dolcey Gutierrez, front

For the first time at the Global Groove, we have Colombian artist
Dolcey Gutierrez. On Sonolux and from 1980, this is quite a
joyful album. Vallenato with it’s jumpy basslines and swell
rhythms is one of my favourite styles from Colombia.
Quite different from cumbia, a bit faster but
with accordeons, just listen and be
happy.. get it & spread it.


1 Con la cocorra pela
2 El piropero
3 El dominio
4 Las fracasadas
5 El regalo de ramon
6 El aumento de la gasolina
7 Cara de jirafa
8 Justo y justa
9 El doble sentido
10 La estornudadera
11 El 533
12 Guayabo eterno


5 thoughts on “Dolcey Gutierrez y sus Specialistas
Con la Cocorra Pela
Sonolux 1980

  1. oh dear–just was made aware of this blog today.<br /><br />this is too much for me to handle… already checked out so much new stuff and my head is about to explode. <br /><br />i don&#39;t even know where to start! can you list you top 5-10 favourite records (of all time) for me? that might be a good place to start. <br /><br />everything i&#39;ve downloaded so far is killing me in all the

  2. hello o,<br />I have to tell you, most of our older posts have dead links, we are working on a new GG-page, it is not yet ready though..all the old posts will be available in a later stage..<br />hang in there for now..<br />thanks<br /><br />Moos

  3. moos<br /><br />This blog is incredible, thanks for everything you do! And can I please request that when you make the old posts available again you do it in the form of a torrent? They have the characteristic of almost never dying. :)<br /><br />Thanks again!

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