Bavon Marie-Marie accompagné par
Jules Celestin & l’Orchestre Vox Action

Bavon Marie Marie, front

Welcome everybody at the new website of the Global Groove.
We’re very happy you have found your way to us again. Some
features have been changed a bit but in general the page should
be working more or less similar as the old one. We are still working
on a few things but we’re good to go, please click around and find
all the older GG posts restored and working again.
Only the rar-files that contain an apostrophe ( ‘ ) still need
some attention, you wont be able to download them yet, this
problem will be solved within the next few days, have fun..

To begin with, an album I have been saving for the release of the
new and improved GG. It took a long time but finally we’re here.
Franco’s younger brother Bavon Marie-Marie is here with an lp
you’re gonna love, of that I am sure. He was difficult as a kid but
quite intelligent. He used to drink a lot and bleech his skin but
his music is wonderful. This lp is a quite rare one, I could not
find any useful additive info, just listen, the music speaks for
it’s self. If anyone knows the year of release or other information
about it, please send us a comment and brighten up the mistery..


1 Batela moana
2 Sala lokola mobali
3 Succes ya ba ndombe
4 Embembe ya mbua
5 Hélé
6 Honisa tika ndoki
7 Laissez gina
8 Gaspy l’amoule
9 Correa suzanne
10 Ba famille bakoti


24 thoughts on “Bavon Marie-Marie accompagné par
Jules Celestin & l’Orchestre Vox Action

  1. Perhaps some tweaking required on the browser compatibility.
    On Internet Explorer (version 11) I get “File Not Found”.
    On Firefox, downloaded ok.

  2. Congratulations on the great great new site! And I can understand why you saved this album for the new site. Awesome music, made me even forget the amount of rain we had today.


  3. Hey Moos, congratulations on the website and thanks for this LP.
    Keep on my friend…
    Thank you very much…

  4. This is certainly a good nutcase, I’m impressed, this is a dream come true.
    Moos you are more valuable than your files, can not say more.

    Thank you!

  5. Congratulations, this is a dream come true. A long long sought after album by Bavon Marie-Marie. And a beautiful website too. Thanks for sharing .

  6. hey, Moos, I’ve been out of action for too long – just blame life and transitions – but what a pleasant surprise on my first dip back into the music universe, to see your beautiful new site.

    really impressed, and thank you for the ton of work it reflects. but, although other links work perfectly, this one returns “file not found.”

  7. Hi Moos and congratulations for the new website. Would you please repost Bavon Marie Marie album since the link you provided is dead. Thanks a lot.

  8. Just found myself at the new site! Well done Moos and many thanks, long may you keep finding and sharing these gems!

  9. You’re starting off with a bang. L’Intrepide Bavon Marie Marie was one of the first African records in my hoardings, way back in the early eighties, but I’ve never seen this one. Many many THANKS, and congrats on the ultra-modern new site.

  10. Thnks Moos, as always, for the best taste on the web and your wonderful openness towards sharing it. Coffee and a trip to the global groove are how I start my day, eyes still half open….

    thank you for going ‘independant’ too with this new update.

  11. I can see you’ve found us massively, what a great start of the new blog.
    The files containing apostrophes ( ‘ ) are almost all ajusted, from tonight they should all be working fine. I found out that blogger threw away many posts but it is difficult to discover excactly which ones. If you know about missing albums from our past, please leave a note so I can restore them as well.. that would be nice.
    ..for now, click around and enjoy..

  12. Hi Moos
    Well done for becoming independent! I’m finding the grey type on black background very difficult to read comfortably. That’s for comments and for the “fellow blogs”. cheers, david

  13. Hey Moos! What incredible news that your new site has gone up! I’ve been waiting for this for years! Massive congratulations – and even bigger THANKS!!! By restoring this archive you have done a service to humanity… you deserve a medal 🙂 Thanks a million….

  14. Your web site is excellent. Your services are selfless, educational, and highly appreciated. You have demonstrated over and over that you cannot be intimidated into abandoning a course that is very dear to you, so don’t get tired, distracted, or bored into quitting. We will be here with you.
    Thanks a million.

  15. What a lovely, pure and essential website you made Moos,
    super de luxe !! Where are you situated? In Amsterdam?
    According to YouTube this album is released in 1967. I’m honoured in contributing such a small detail to your masterpiece. Your work is playing a part in the happy side of my life. I learn so much of it, its an endless discovery.


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