Cumbias solamente Cumbias vol. 2
Various Artists

Cumbias solamente Cumbias vol.2, front

You liked volume one a lot so I guess volume two will
gain some happy listeners as well. This lp contains a
couple of huge hits to my humble opinion. Track # one
for instance with the great Lucho PĂ©rez is a straight
killer. But off course Pedro Laza’s ‘Navidad Negra’ and
Calixto Ochoa’s ‘Recordando el Pasado’ are famous
cumbias you don’t want to miss. My personal favourite
is Andres Landero, his voice and rhythms are hotter
than hot and capture me from beginning to end..
Cumbias solamente Cumbias vol.II, a must
for your Colombian collection.


1 Los Corraleros de Majagual – La cumbia soba
2 Andres Landero y su Conjunto – La pava congona
3 Eliseo Herrera y su Conjunto – El mangle
4 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – Navidad negra
5 Las Flautas de Millo – La millera
6 Nafer Duran y su Conjunto – A orillas del magdalena
7 Alberto Pacheco y sus Cumbiamberos – Cumbia de santo domingo
8 Calixto Ochoa y su Conjunto – Recordando el pasado
9 Andres Landero y su Conjunto – El gaitero
10 Pedro Jairo Garces y su Guitarra – Cumbia cincelejana
11 Los Galleros – Tabaco mascao
12 Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta – Cumbia sabrosa


5 thoughts on “Cumbias solamente Cumbias vol. 2
Various Artists

  1. Hi
    Hey, slow down a bit Moos, I know I requested Discos Fuentes but I can’t keep up!!!
    Thanks a lot, as ever

  2. who hoo ! off to a roaring start! thanks moos!
    I sometimes wonder if listening to too much cumbia will actually drive me mad one day – such fantastic intoxicating stuff!

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