Los Inseparables con Colacho Mendoza
Sensacional !! Tropical

Inseparables, front

Hello good evening, are you somewhere close ?
Come to Amsterdam and do some dancing tonight.
Scroll back and see where…. for this moment I’ve
got Colombian candy waiting for ya. Colacho Mendoza
appears with Los Inseparables today, vallenato with
strings and squeezebox this time, enjoy..


1 La divina pastora
2 Alma bohemia
3 Romance campesino
4 Que te dijo el rio
5 Canitas al aire
6 Muchachita vallenata
7 Lo que soy por amor
8 Tierra sanjuanera
9 Tina villason
10 Beatriz elena


4 thoughts on “Los Inseparables con Colacho Mendoza
Sensacional !! Tropical

  1. Hello Moos,
    Surfing on Dial Africa, I read that you once shared a record I’d be very interested to hear. Here’s the quote:

    Is this African 360.164 – Merveilles du Passé – Les Années 50 still available on your magnificent blog? I can’t seem to find it. Congolese 50’s music is hard to find and so, so good! I seem to remember you writing, right before you moved to your new page, that we should tell you if we could’nt find an old post here. Or maybe I’m wrong. Anyhow, thanks for all the efforts and the music.

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