4 Etoiles – 4 Grandes Vedettes de la
Musique Africaine, Afro-Rythmes 1983

4 Etoiles, front

On popular demand we’ve got us a classic album by
four of the most prominent Congolese artists. It wasn’t
posted here yet so good idea Mouhamadou. Singers
Nyboma and Wuta-May formed this group with guitar
greats Syran Mbenza and Bopol Mansiamina. delicious
Congolese sounds and voices you don’t want to miss.


1 Mayi
2 Mama-iye-ye
3 Zouzou
4 Maquereau


9 thoughts on “4 Etoiles – 4 Grandes Vedettes de la
Musique Africaine, Afro-Rythmes 1983

  1. Maquereau is irresistible fidgety and overflowing with musical happiness. Don’t miss. Thank you Moos for sharing so much of joy! Apurva from Pune, India.

    • Maquereau is the song that makes me move my feet whenever I listen to it. Bopol really made a great song. Mama Iye Ye is also capturing with Syran Mbenza or Dally Kimoko solo line.

  2. Thanks Moos for the quick response. Well, I have been hooked to this band for quite a while and I remember as a kid my father playing all those Congolese LPs from Franco to Sam Mangwana without forgetting Orchestre Bella Bella and much more. Sorry for being a pain, but if you have the self-titled Bopol with the song Cele in it, Aladji from Sam Mangwana, and some Gnonnas Pedro like Gabon (the maxi-single) and Les Femmes D’Abord (a classic album), that would be appreciated.

  3. Thanks so much for this. I fell in love with the Four Stars long ago when I used to be an avid listener to Afropop Worldwide. I always taped the shows (back in the cassette days), so I’ve got a whole box full of episodes. Now I’ve begun to make digital copies of some of my favorites, and that includes this band. If you’re interested, I’ve uploaded the file here: http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/12880175/file.html
    Thanks again for everything.

    • Dear CBlack, in case you see this: Is this the Feb 1996 Afropop show ending with Bopol and Nyboma playing a (great!) live acoustic version of “Double Double”? I have 2/3 of that show from my own cassette (starting somewhere in “Luila”), but would love the beginning. The link no longer works – email me if you see this and could provide. Many thanks.

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