Andres Landero – El Hijo del Pueblo
Discos Fuentes 1981

Andres Landero, front

Hello, goodmorning, have you got any idea how hard it is
to find albums by this guy. Andres Landero’s lp’s are sought
after by many collectors and if you find them, you got to be
lucky to find them in good shape. This one for instance plays
quite nice but then we’ve got to take some sleeve damage
and people have been writing on the label and backsleeve.
The most important part, the music, reached us in fine
condition though. Let’s focus and listen to Andres
Landero’s super rhythms and melodies. He is
one of my all time favourite Colombian
stars, fantastic dance material…


1 Maria del Carmen
2 El hijo del pueblo
3 La tabla de multiplicar
4 Suegra buena
5 Sigo luchando
6 La espina
7 Juancho y alicia
8 Linda vallenata
9 Tambo tambo
10 Pobre madre


9 thoughts on “Andres Landero – El Hijo del Pueblo
Discos Fuentes 1981

  1. hey man, this is just awesome! thanks for sharing. I’ve been preparing just for you a personal selection of mexican cumbias sonideras you will love; but getting correct quality is not easy…. you are doing incredible work, plesase keep posting those killer cumbias calientes everyone should know ! abrazos

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