Mose Se ‘Fan Fan’ – Belle Epoque

Mose se 'Fan Fan', cd front

Quite some time ago, when still working with the old page,
I already posted this one. I don’t remember exactly why it
was removed in a later stage. Anyway, I thought it would
be good to make it available again. Such wonderful music
should be accessible so here it is once more, enjoy…


1 Julie la petite
2 Serge
3 Ciska
4 Molema
5 Venus
6 Chama cha mapinduzi
7 Pele odidja
8 Amba
9 Jolie Africa
10 Suki pembe somo somo


2 thoughts on “Mose Se ‘Fan Fan’ – Belle Epoque

  1. So beautiful to find you again. Been following for many years. Thank you for persevering. This is such a beautiful resource of forgotten musical gems, and this new site feels great!

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