African Brothers Band – the Best of Kwame Ampadu
Afribros KDF 2002, 1971

African Brothers, front

African Brothers

Good morning groovers, once again I find out through a comment
that our former host, blogger, has thrown away one of our precious
old albums. It concerns a very nice lp by the great African Brothers.
The Best of Kwame Ampadu used to be on my blog long time ago.
It is another surprise to find it gone but no worries, every time you
come up with a disappeared album, I’ll re-post it and this time it is
going to stay here. So enjoy this rarity and pass it on..

p.s. I’m checking my other African Brother posts as well,
maybe more have disappeared, I’ll get back on that soon..


1 Yaa amanua 1
2 Yaa amanua 2
3 I will pray
4 Eye a na me mu
5 Menyame misu fre wo
6 Enye wo yem
7 Nea moye yi mahu
8 Yaw berko
9 None but you
10 Someone tell me
11 Afia dufie


8 thoughts on “African Brothers Band – the Best of Kwame Ampadu
Afribros KDF 2002, 1971

  1. Thanks for your generosity Moos! Also, can you post their super rare Osekufuo LP in the future…if you’ve this one?

  2. Another great one from the Master, Nana Ampadu. This is classic African Brothers putting it all on the table. A gem of a record. Anyone out there hearing this for the first time, consider this an Xmas gift! Moos is a good man 🙂

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