“Cumbias” la Pollera Colora –
Various Artists, Otra/RCA 1975

Cumbias la Pollera Colora, front

Oh yes, there’s quality and there’s quality. This here slice of
South American vinyl is super hot. Only eight songs but they
are all extremely good. The lp is very well produced, sounds
fresh and is in top condition. It is a Mexican pressing made
by RCA in 1975 but with all Colombian artists. On heavy vinyl
just the way we like it, incredibly well preserved in 39 years.
Better don’t miss this one, get it & spread it..


1 Trio Colombia – Salpicon de cumbias
2 Henry Castro y Conjunto de Ivan Uribe – Mi camisa
3 Rómulo Gaycedo y el Combo de Edmundo Arias – Guepa… je
4 Antonio González – Cumbia de ovejas
5 Rossi Valencia – Cumbia internacional
6 José Garibaldi Fuentes y el Grupo de Edmundo Arias – Llorela comae
7 Gladys Viera y Orquesta – Me voy pa’ chiriguana
8 Miguel Ahumada y Conjunto – Cumbia vallenata


9 thoughts on ““Cumbias” la Pollera Colora –
Various Artists, Otra/RCA 1975

  1. Wow! This is just how I like my Cumbia, you are right! Great follow up to Jorge Costa’s Samba LP. Viva 1975! These will be placed on heavy rotation for today’s hot weather. Thanks again, Oakland CA

  2. Aaaagghh! I’ve been trying so hard to resist downloading stuff from you, since my computer is on its last legs. I have to simply look and dream. But this one……how can I say no?
    Sorry computer, surely you have a little bit of space to squeeze in some nice hot cumbia?

      • So glad I could squeeze this one in. Fantastic stuff! I ended up spending the whole afternoon in a cumbia frenzy, listening to all the other cumbia comp LPs you’ve posted here in the past.
        Anyone who missed out on those, I urge you to download them IMMEDIATELY! Wonderful wonderful stuff.

        Muchas gracias, Moos!

  3. Dear Moos,

    Only 5 songs instead of 8 but super music !!!,Lucky I got a hard disc to store all these goodies

  4. Sorry Moos , downloaded it again and got 8 great songs now. Love cumbia since the eighties.This one is dynamite!

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