Jorge Costa – Samba sem Mentira
Beverly 1975

Jorge Costa, front

Only shortly I told you what a pity it is not being able to hunt
for samba, there’s so little available in these parts. This here
lp by Jorge Costa however just appeared without a warning.
It proves we can be lucky sometimes and surprises like this
are the things that make life beautiful, don’t you think ? Okay
now let’s see what we’ve got. The best samba, to my opinion,
was made early seventies, this 1975 disc survives the eartest
without problems. I love the songs in which we hear the organ,
it adds a special flavour to the samba, making it extra sweet.
Jorge Costa’s Samba sem Mentira, a real delight.
You know the drill, get it & spread it..


1 Inferno colorido
2 Pode voltar
3 Não me interessa
4 Apaga tua vela
5 Só vai na onda
6 Bandeira da paz
7 Choro junto com você
8 Maria simplicidade
9 Chave do coração
10 Tamborete da vovó
11 Manda chuva na escola
12 Triste madrugada


3 thoughts on “Jorge Costa – Samba sem Mentira
Beverly 1975

  1. Wow, what a nice album! And it’s probably a rarity too, isn’t it?
    Thank you very much for all of these superb shares. Your site’s like a goldmine, Moos.

  2. This one again is true gold. Unesco should sue record companies for not reissuing and promoting this types of gems. Lucky there is u.This is musical world heritage as so much of the music on your site.

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