Nicolas “Colacho” Mendoza –
Self Titled, Carrizal

Colacho Mendoza, front

His vallenato belongs to the best I know, Colacho Mendoza
passed by here on various occasions and I’m happy to bring
you another of his works. He appeared with los Inseparables
one time and this is the third album with his own Conjunto.
If you like this sound the way I do you may find the other lp’s
here, here and here.
I know that only a select group of our visitors listen to vallenato,
it is a type of music you must learn to listen to, it took me some
time too but now I am completely sold and crazy about it, give
it another try and pass it to your buddies, enjoy..


1 Rosa angelina
2 Terrible gavilan
3 Olas que se lleva el viento
4 Patillalera
5 Caminito verde
6 Los malos aƱos
7 Carmen diaz
8 El tigre
9 Rosita
10 Ni quayabito me da


3 thoughts on “Nicolas “Colacho” Mendoza –
Self Titled, Carrizal

  1. Hi Moos
    Thanks for the great blog. Been a regular visitor for many years and found loads of fantastic music through your blog. Wanted to let you know that the link for this post doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. How weird. Now working. I did try on two separate occasions. Good news, anyway. Love the Mas Cumbias… Mas Cumbias post btw – as you said a quality affair. Thanks.

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