Cumbias solo Cumbias vol. 1
Various Artists, Discos Fuentes 1974

Cumbias solo Cumbias, front

Fuentes 1974 label

Holy guacamole, this lp contains only killers, no fillers.
We’ve got the great Andrés Landero with his bloody hot
rhythm section, we’ve got Chico Cervantes, Luis E. Martinez,
Los Guacharacos, Julian Machado, all cooking dance material
you would not want to miss. Get it and spread it the way
you’re used to.. now volumes up, kick a side the
furniture and start moving those lazy
butts around the floor..


1 Los Corraleros – La cumbiamberita
2 Andrés Landero – La guia
3 Chico Cervantes – La lavandera
4 Los Corraleros – Para el magdalena
5 Pedro Laza – La picua
6 Los Corraleros – La butifarra
7 Los Corraleros – Guepa je
8 Andrés Landero – Yo amaneci
9 Julian Machado – Las brujas
10 Luis E. Martinez – Mi negrita
11 Los Guacharacos – La negra saramuya
12 Los Teenagers – Fantasia nocturna


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Various Artists, Discos Fuentes 1974

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